Slovakia – Mochovce

Mochovce - 270 MW Nuclear Power Plant

The development of the third and fourth stage of Mochovce nuclear power plant started in 1987 but was halted in 1992.  Following the shutdown of the Bohunice V1 nuclear power plant, the development recommenced.  The owners of Mochovce 3 & 4 (Slovenské elektrárne, a.s), invited tenders and BRUSH were successful in their bid.  BRUSH will deliver four new generators with a capacity of 1080MW by the year 2013.


Generator specification

  • Type of machine 2H6688/2-VH
  • Output 300 MVA
  • Power factor 0.9
  • Voltage 15750 V
  • Speed 3000 rpm
  • Hydrogen pressure 400 kPa


BRUSH will also deliver new hydrogen and water systems for cooling the generators, oil systems for lubrication of the generators, static excitation systems for all generators and transformers for the static excitation systems power supply.