Cruise Liners - Helping to clear the air

Clearing the air was exactly what Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines had in mind when they chose aeroderivative gas turbines for their Millennium and Vantage class cruise liners.

Having selected this environmentally friendly form of power system instead of the more conventional diesel engine solution, to ensure low life cycle costs, the end user requirements necessitated reliable, dependable generators with extensive operating experience in marine and offshore applications.  In addition, there was a need to match the varying demands of the different electric propulsion systems proposed by the two shipyards selected to build the vessels.

With over 150 of the selected frame size of DAX turbogenerator already installed, Brush’s experience was second to none, and both exceptional reliability and flexibility of design were significant factors in the generator selection.

The exhaust heat from the gas turbines is recovered by a steam generator to power a 10 megawatt steam turbine, driving a Brush DG 4-pole generator in a “2 on 1” combined cycle configuration providing a total of 60 megawatts per vessel.