BRUSH submersible motors

BRUSH has many years valuable experience with the design and manufacture of submersible motors used in the dredging industry dating back to the mid 1970’s.

This experience has been built up over the years and has now set BRUSH up as a major supplier to the main dredging companies.


Motor Designs

BRUSH’s AC submersible motors are specially designed to suit customer’s requirements. Special attention has been paid to the design of a sturdy, rugged motor with:   

Low maintenance requirements
Very high reliability
Expected service lifetime of over 30 years
The motor can be adjusted in speed, power and torque by means of a frequency converter
Low speed designs are available up to 6.5 MW leaving out the need for a gearbox to improve the reliability of the underwater drive system. Specifics for the design are:
The BRUSH submersible motors have a generous overload margin with solid lamination, winding and rotor design
The BRUSH submersible motor is oil filled and therefore no re-greasing of the bearings is required.
The oil filling also prevents from condensation of water in the motor
The motor will be supplied with bearings to cope with the pump impeller forces and are designed for 30,000 running hours as a minimum
Cooling of the motor can be either by natural cooling or forced cooling both by the surrounding seawater

The following instrumentation is available:

  • Stator temperature measurement
  • Bearing temperature measurement
  • Oil temperature measurement
  • Shaft speed measurement (redundant)
  • Pressure difference transmitter Seawater / Oil
  • Water leakage detection in auxiliary connection boxes

Furthermore options are available for:

  • Exchangeable drive shaft
  • Factory load test
  • Horizontal and/or vertical execution
  • Repair and Re-conditioning

In addition to the manufacture of new submersible motors BRUSH also conducts maintenance, repair and re-conditioning of submersible motors of our own design and other third party manufactures.