33kV Transformer Refurbishment

Our client was looking for a cost effective solution to prolong the life of two 33kV transformers, originally made by Ferranti in 1970.

In order to keep costs to a minimum our solution was to offer new internals, refurbishment of existing tank/fittings and retrofitting of our AT On-Load Tapchanger.

The difficulty we faced was that as these units were made by Ferranti we had no design records; we therefore used our highly skilled workforce to reverse engineer the design.

The overall result was 2 transformers put back in to service, which would otherwise have been scrapped. As well as cost savings, environmental benefits were also realised as many existing parts were utilised.

Our overall scope:

  • Reverse engineer and replace coils
  • Refurbish core and clamps
  • Refurbish tank and associated parts
  • Refurbish bushings
  • Retrofit AT Tapchanger
  • Full works testing